Inventory & Sales CRM system

Situation is a company selling spare parts and agricultural machinery with a product matrix of 8000 products. The company has been operating since 2010. In the same year a desktop system of warehouse accounting and unloading of goods was written, and it is still used by the company's managers. Some of the processes are kept offline on paper. Managers have to work with a very complex interface, reminiscent of advanced excel, and spend a lot of time learning.

The head of the company decided to contact us to ask for help in developing a web application that will facilitate the work of managers, allow you to connect to the system remotely without installing the application on your computer, set access rights for users and set individual prices for each client.

Our tasks

Create CRM systems for establishing and improving business processes and subsequent analysis of results, interaction with customers to increase sales and improve customer service by storing information about customers and the history of interaction with them.

Project stages

We identified the customer's requirements, described the limitations and capabilities of the future system.
We determined the roles of users in the system and worked out scenarios for their interaction. Made up the mind map of the project.
We carried out work on designing interaction, worked out an UI design, and transferred it to be developed.

Project structure


The catalog of the online store is functionally divided into two parts - at the bottom, spare parts found by the original number or name are displayed, and at the top, the client sees the items selected for ordering.

User management

There are five user roles in the system: company owner, administrators, storekeepers, employees and guests. Users can define the groups of goods available for viewing, their price, and also set a date for automatic account deactivation.


The counterparty database contains all suppliers and buyers who cooperate with the company.

 The system stores information about completed transactions (orders, receipts and withdrawals) for each counterparty.


To automate the work of the warehouse, we created a goods management system to provide control of business processes and  warehouse operations such as goods receiving, movement, storage, picking and shipment. The implemented system will provide full transparency of data in the supply chain of the entire company.


We added reports to the system. In a few clicks you can see information about purchases and sales in the selected period, learn about illiquid goods, stock balances and lots of other information necessary for the operational management of the company.


The project team

James Akwuh
1 project manager
4 engineers
1 business analyst
1 QA Engineer
2 UX/UI designers

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