The AI system for measuring health indicators

About the project

In 2020 the world faced a pandemic - the spread of a previously unknown coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19.

The symptoms of the infection are fever and low oxygen levels in blood.

Since the beginning of 2020 measuring body temperature has been a mandatory procedure that must be implemented in order to get to an airport, government institution or other public places. However, with a large crowd of people, waiting for your turn may drag on.

The French company Quantiq has developed the Cobox system, which consists of a tablet with cameras and sensors that measure heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, and respiration rate. Its use will, for instance, allow you to pass check-in without waiting in line.

Tablet + sensors =

Cobox control panel - your mobile phone

So that a person will not have to physically touch the tablet screen, which may contain pathogenic bacteria and viruses, the scanning process is started remotely using a QR code that is scanned by a mobile phone. Thus, your mobile phone acts as a control panel.

One of the client's wishes was to develop both a mobile application for managing the Cobox system and a mobile web version. The mobile application has a number of advantages: authorization for storing scan history, push notifications with results.

Instructions for starting a scan are displayed on the tablet screen in two languages ​​- French and English.

Before scanning

After connecting to the system, the tablet interface switches to the user's phone language. A minimum set of data about a person is required in advance: specifying your gender and age, you can start scanning which will last about five seconds.

Confidentiality of results

The measurement results are not displayed on the tablet screen, but are sent to the user's mobile phone for confidentiality purposes.

When a parameter is detected to be out of the normal range, the system will clearly show this.

70 bpm
Normal rate: 60-100
40 °C
Normal rate: 36.5-37.3
95 %
Normal rate: 90-100
Respiratory rate
13 bpm
Normal rate: 12-18


In the course of work on the project, we offered the client to simplify the logo by eliminating heavy details and making it more trendy. Our designer spent a few minutes and $ 0 from the project budget on reworking the logo. The client was satisfied.

Future plans

Qantiq plans to develop the project in the future. In addition to the obvious concern for human health, one of the possible ways of application could be the optimization of human traffic in public places such as airports, train stations, and shopping centers.


The project team

James Akwuh
1 project manager
4 engineers
1 business analyst
1 QA Engineer
2 UX/UI designers

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