Fetchadate —
dating app for pet lovers

About the project

People are united by different interests, and love for animals is not an exception. The author of the bestseller "Leashes and Lovers: What Your Dog Can Teach You About Love, Life, and Happiness" Sheryl Matthy came up with the idea to make a dating app based on our love for pets since they are a great reason to make new acquaintances.


Create a mobile application Fetchadate for IOS and Android platforms.

Who’s behind?

When you first launch the application, it explains you how it works: swipe to the right - show reciprocity of sympathy, swipe to the left - show another pet, swipe down - show detailed information about the pet.

A pet represents its owner, we call him WingPet. The user can view his/her profile or swipe right to show reciprocity.

We tried several React Native libraries to implement the swipe mechanism, but none of them met our requirements, so we implemented the entire swipe mechanism from scratch.

Virtual pets

If the user does not have a real pet, he can choose a virtual one and give it a name.

It’s a match!

 In case of mutual sympathy, you will be able to communicate with each other.  You already have one interest in common!

Chat rooms

You can have an exciting conversation, and you'll never know what it will lead to: a brief talk or a long-lasting friendship.  Perhaps, this is a chance to find your soulmate.

Engagement tools

If the user has provided little information about himself, the application will remind him to fill out the profile.

The application also notifies about new matches.


The Boost function allows you to create up to 4 profiles with pets, which means that the user profile will be shown 4 times more often! Moreover, Boost gives you higher search priority, which increases your chances to being noticed.


We have implemented Sheryl Matthy's idea of ​​creating a dating app and published it on the App store and Play market.


The project team

James Akwuh
1 project manager
4 engineers
1 business analyst
1 QA Engineer
2 UX/UI designers

Let’s create another excellent IT product!

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