Application for renting yachts, boats, ships and motor ships
Yacht and boat rental service for water adventures

About the project

There are dozens of companies on the yacht rental market in Moscow and St. Petersburg that offer their services on the Internet. To rent a yacht, you will have to call by phone, communicate with the manager, find out the prices, check if the vessel is free for the day you need - in other words, spend hours of your time. We are accustomed to ordering food, calling a taxi, booking a car or accommodation while traveling using mobile applications, so it’s the turn of the yachts!

We faced the following tasks:

• Design an application;
• Launch the application simultaneously on the App Store and Play Market;
• Release the application as quickly as possible before the start of the season.

Here's where water adventures start

As the user first enters the app he is offered to answer 3 questions: where and when does he want to book a vessel, and for how many guests. Answering all 3 questions he will be provided with the corresponding options.

Ship Icons

7 types of vessel can be booked in the app. We designed our own icon for each type.


Stories added. Iflot marketers use them for news announcements, promotions and contests. You can book a vessel or learn more about an interesting promotions from stories.

Main screen

 The home screen is the starting point for many scenarios of interacting with the application.

Searching results

 The list with search results is a must-have for such applications. In addition, we decided to add a map search.

Ship screen

 Each section of this screen has the same purpose: to help the user to choose the right vessel.   

Booking system

We have released a vessel booking system that takes into account the occupancy of the vessel during the day, so the user always sees the current slots for booking.


We successfully launched the app before the start of the yacht charter season and Club Org started marketing the app.


The project team

James Akwuh
1 project manager
4 engineers
1 business analyst
1 QA Engineer
2 UX/UI designers

Let’s create another excellent IT product!

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